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What Dash Is All About

Dash is a digital currency (or cryptocurrency) that is used for receiving or sending payments. Being similar to Bitcoin, the currency provides an enhanced privacy and an improved transaction speed. This has made it quite popular in the market.

While it has similarities to Bitcoin, Dash’s platform and other features make it stand out. The other digital currencies have a prolonged transaction waiting period and charge a heavy fee. But Dash has stood out remarkably with its brevity and transiency.

Dash is a very liquid and fast functioning open-source currency. It has also been listed among the top online fiat money currencies. Initially, Dash was developed with a base of Litecoin features and is a peer-to-peer electronic currency.

This has made InstantSend and PrivateSend options available for Dash investors. It is an autonomous currency that can be mined only from its network, and the complete authority belongs only to its owners and founders. The approximate time of blocking the mining on the Dash blockchain would be around 2.5 minutes. This makes it significantly faster than other currencies.

Chart for Dash

In 2017, Dash broke all its records, and its value went over one thousand dollars. That was the peak of Dash, and the value has not risen as high as that till now. However, even after facing a huge decline, the chart for Dash is quite stable and predictable.

For the year 2020, Dash’s highest value has been around $130; it reached this point in January & February. The lowest point for Dash in this year was around $48 in March. Moreover, the all-time Dash chart had an average value for this year of $70, as it ranged from $60 to $100.

Dash Wallet

To be precise, there are 5 types of cryptocurrency-storing wallets available for interested investors. These are:

1. Online

2. Paper

3. Mobile

4. Hardware

5. Desktop

All these wallets have distinctive features and facilities. Each of these provides different levels of convenience and safety. However, their purpose is the same - to keep investor’s Dash secure and in an encrypted form.

It is done to make accessing Dash easier for the holder. While there are so many options to choose from, there is only one that’s the best fit for Dash web wallets. Many prefer using mobile or desktop wallets for their Dash wallet, as these are readily accessible. Jidex offers different wallet options, which you may select depending on your preferences and requirements.

Dash – What Is It?

If you are new to cryptocurrency, then you must be wondering what Dash is? Dash is what Evan Duffield introduced in 2014. Evan thought of creating Dash while studying Bitcoin and investing in it. The baseline of Dash was taken from Bitcoin’s blockchain technology. The currency was initially known as Xcoin; however, it was later changed to Darkcoin and, now, Dash.

Since its inception, Dash has become very famous because it provides improved transaction pace and privacy. Crediting to these two features, Dash has surpassed Bitcoin. Its annual market capitalization for 2018 was approximately $4.3 billion. Over the years, there have been many upgrades and improvements made to this currency. Furthermore, if you are wondering what to use Dash for, read the following section.

What to Use Dash For

Dash mainly focuses on the secrecy and the pace of transactions. Its founders have improved the accessibility and privacy for its holders, which makes tracing difficult. Its long list of features has helped Dash become popular among investors. When Dash was launched, it had many features that only this currency supported.

This gave it a head start over the other currencies. It has become a leading name in the Privacy Coin Sector. As mentioned above, Dash did remarkably well in 2017. It displayed growth of around 14,900% in that year. Many experts support this electronic currency.

The introduction of this currency has provided a solution to the drawbacks of BTC. Dash has three main features:

● Masternodes

These are the special servers of Dash that are assigned with the task to perform critical functions related to the crypto network. These look over the treasury & governance systems along with instant and private transactions.

● PrivateSend

As the name suggests, the PrivateSend feature keeps a record of the private transactions. However, to make the details hard to trace, it jumbles the data and details of the transactions. Any unauthorised body will not be able to figure the accurate payment trail.

● InstantSend

This is another impressive feature of Dash. The InstantSend feature enables holders to perform instant and quick transactions of the currency. The account holders will have to pay a minimal premium fee to get access to this service.

The Latest News on DASH

While many other currencies, which were launched around 2014, are vanished from the market, Dash survived. The treasury elements and Masternode inclusion has helped it outlive and outperform all other currencies. Furthermore, the Dash live news is available for all users and holders to analyze the crypto themselves and make informed decisions. Check out our blog to learn about the new trends and all the latest news on Dash.

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