About LTO Network

LTO Network Price Chart

$ 0.24
Market cap
24h volume
Circulating supply
293.2M LTO

What LTO Is All About: Live Contracts and Stable Rates

LTO Network is a hybrid blockchain for the digitalisation and creation of inter-organisational business processes based on Trustless Technology. Thanks to the solutions offered by the project, it has become a trend for various companies to set up convenient and mutually beneficial cooperation via a distributed ledger database.

All-Time LTO Chart

The chart of LTO demonstrates that this cryptocurrency has a relatively stable rate. Currently, over 183 out of 453 million LTO tokens are circulating on the market. The total market capitalisation of the coin is 19 million US dollars, which allows it to gain a foothold in the first two hundred best cryptocurrencies, according to the CoinMarketCap portal. Daily users buy and sell LTO coins worth $2 million.

Best LTO Wallet Options

When choosing LTO wallet, you can choose from a variety of well-known brands. Here are some of the most secure variants available:

  • Coinomi
  • MyEtherWallet
  • Jaxx
  • Breadwallet
  • MyCelium Wallet
  • Copay
  • Airbitz

LTO: What Is It?

The LTO project consists of three parts:

  • Live Contracts for drafting any written agreements, not just financial ones like smart contracts;
  • A hybrid LTO blockchain for Live Contracts; and
  • A platform for creating and integrating Live Contracts.

The main features of LTO blockchain are:

  • Convenient creation of agreements online
  • The implementation of a convenient hybrid anchoring blockchain mechanism
  • The Live Contracts technology, allowing the parties to make a contract in the real-time
  • After the creation of a new agreement, the LTO parent system creates a special private blockchain. The goal is to build a general history of events. While fulfilling the necessary conditions of the agreement, one of the parties sends a statement to the blockchain, and the second must sign it. The node then confirms that the transaction occurred.
  • Each new event within the workflow turns into a block with one action and is confirmed by the nodes. All data is available only to the participants.

As for LTO coins, you can trade on one of the 6 trading platforms:

  • BitMax: LTO/BTC and LTO/USDT
  • Hotbit: LTO/BTC, LTO/ETH, and LTO/USDT
  • Binance DEX: LTO/BNB
  • Bilaxy: LTO/ETH
  • Trade.io: LTO/ETH

What to Use LTO For?

With the LTO Network, you can:

  • Conduct and fully control the transaction process;
  • Share the necessary information with partners;
  • Create and manage business supply chains; and
  • Transfer data processing into the hands of third parties without fear of fraud and falsification of certain documents.

But what does LTO have that attracts so many users? The use of the LTO token in the project is tied to several user categories, whose goals differ:

  • Large integrators and partners. They offer their capacities and maintain the network's operability, receiving rewards in LTO coins.
  • Clients. These are the users and companies that use the system and its Live Contracts for their transactions. They can be either active (they launch their nodes and receive a part of the reward) or passive (they use the resources of the site and pay for it with LTO coins).
  • Low-volume traders. This group consists of low-power private users who exclusively provide their technical capabilities to confirm transactions on the blockchain. They also receive a reward for their actions.
  • Inactive holders. These are the users, who are not a part of the community. They are merely investing in the coin to earn money in the future, counting on the growth of its exchange rate.

The Latest News LTO Has

The LTO project attracts users with clear policies and non-aggressive marketing. It provides efficient solutions for specific user categories. If LTO is what you need for its Live Contracts function and nearly risk-free investment opportunities, stay tuned! Follow LTO live news on our blog!

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