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COTI is an enterprise-grade fintech platform that allows organizations to build custom payment solutions and digitize any currency to save time and money. The COTI project aims to create a next-generation system that would launch a trend of turning cryptocurrency into a payment method suitable for everyday use. 

All Time COTI Chart

This COTI chart shows the dynamics of the currency’s rate fluctuation against the dollar. The initial issue of COTI was 2 billion tokens.

COTI cryptocurrency may well become the “Currency of the Internet” that the world has been waiting for. It can significantly reduce transaction times as well as lower costs for all parties involved. COTI combines the best aspects of a traditional payment system with the benefits of cryptocurrencies.

Best COTI Wallet Options

Users can choose from a variety of safe COTI web wallets. For instance, they can store COTI tokens in an official COTI wallet. Besides this, digital wallets that support the ERC-20 Ethereum standard, such as MyEtherWallet and MetaMask, are also suitable. COTI users can also choose hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor.

COTI: What Is It and How Does It Work?

COTI (short for "Currency of the Internet") is designed to be used as a blockchain protocol optimized for decentralized payments. It is intended to be used by merchants, governments, payment applications, and stablecoin issuers. 

COTI uses a directed acyclic graph (DAG) register to address the shortcomings of most blockchain platforms that currently seem unsuitable for the widespread and day-to-day transaction needs. It promises to provide extreme scalability while processing tens of thousands of transactions per second and offers price stabilization mechanisms at a low cost.

The company is planning to achieve its goals by creating a multi-layered ecosystem made up of five layers. COTI apps like COTI Pay and COTI-X are at the top tier, followed by COTI tokens and services like arbitrage, KYC, balances, and transactions. Server implementations, DAG, Trust Score, and Trust Chain Consensus systems are at the lower levels of this hierarchy.

For many private users and businesses worldwide, COTI is what was missing in the crypto market.

The COTI project has many advantages, including:

  • Zero commission for buyers, very low commission for sellers, and support for high-frequency micropayments. The edge of DAG technology is not only the speed of transactions but also the ability to operate the network without commissions (by increasing the ease of mining);
  • Decentralized governance that protects the system from the monopoly on transaction confirmation, which increases its reliability in the long term;
  • High level of transaction approval achieved by common transparent standards for deposits, withdrawals, commissions, verifications; and
  • COTI protects the buyers and sellers at a lower cost than other payment systems, which hold reserves for resolving disputes and complaints. Most cryptocurrencies do not provide such protection at all, focusing only on transferring funds.

What to Use COTI For

Although the COTI project is still relatively new, it has a strong strategy for development. The cryptocurrency’s prospects seem promising, but what is it COTI can offer in 2020? Here are some features available for COTI tokens’ users already:

  • payment of commissions 
  • installation of COTI tokens
  • using an integrated arbitration service
  • using the COTI Pay solution specially designed for SMEs

Find Out the Latest News COTI Has

The project has been thoroughly worked out and enjoys good investor support, but it is still at an early stage of development. The project has many competitors, but so far, none of them has presented the world with a comprehensive and convenient solution in every sense. Stay informed, so you don’t miss a thing about cryptocurrency trading. Read recent COTI live news in our blog!

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