About JDX

JIDEX is an instant, safe and trusted all over the world cryptocurrency exchange service which plays the role of intermediary between users and crypto exchanges, giving users access to 150+ cryptocurrencies.

Our values

As a team, we have core company values: transparency, safety, commitment to customers, quality and trust. These are what our company stands for, our philosophy. We make our values visible to customers as much as we can every day, working towards the same common goal and sharing a bigger purpose. Focus of the user is at the core of our company and that’s why what we do, we do well.

Our mission

Our main mission is to make an exchange process beneficial, effortless and fast for everyone who want to invest in cryptocurrency. Our staff members work hard every day to satisfy the needs and demands of our customers for them to have an easy, fast and safe journey through JIDEX. We believe that achieving our mission is the highest leverage way to bring about more integrity, accountability and efficiency to the exchanging process.